Trend, trends
go 'round the bends
to the top so high
and into the sky
for everyone to see
like a star
on a tree
like a bird
gliding on
for now everyone
the story
in it's throes
all the foes
it's protected
by thee
you can now
say it's right
you can now say
it's tight
you can now say
cause it's good
and it's right
trends, trends
oh tell all your friends!


Shades of dark
at the rims
fading into
rising water
cold and grim

in a damp room
and I wheeze
to breathe
down on
swollen knees

crawling in
the dankness
creeping into
pouring down
like acetone
are the tears
that fall from these

eyes dry, dark and reddened
and deadened
in the night
of icy seas
tears do fall
like leaves

yonder was a meadow
far from me
and sallow
mildewed now
by winter freeze
it's only sought
by wasps, not bees

never dull
is the dullest trap
a suck, like a vacuum
in my lap
torn apart by
conflicting needs
there are warnings
that red flag heed

body is breaking
left and right
and I am trying
with all my might
but too many things
overwhelm me
and it's already hard

I painted my art
I pulled it together
but hard to have it seen
in foggy whether
and the fog is engineered
making it rigged
how do I get seen
on time
with a branch
not a twig

I need a miracle
I'm rotting in the dank
I …

Among the doves

With real self love
you will weed out
the ones who don't know
what true loves' about

when you're different and
you're not allowed to
you feel like you're
collecting dust
and unable to breathe

counting all the hours
starving from within
all to please the others
who believe you are "sin"

So mislead they are
to see you're being
with this chagrin
in spite of how good you really are
from so deep within

If you cannot fit in
to their expectations
they treat you as though you are
an abomination
and for what reason other
than being unlike them
so you're locked in a closet
ticking, ticking until when

Until when you must get out
in spite of the price
in spite of their doubts
even if they turn to ice..

Can your fiery will melt        
the hearts of some of these
well, my dear
those are the ones
as good as the trees
and the others
they are weeds
in the garden you can be
it is your hand
that can pick them out
then reap the sown
it's what love's abou…

broken knee

when i see you
out there like
just living your life
i'm reminded of
my plight
ticking on
the fruitless
the spinning at
the wheel
the cards
may never deal
the right
to fight
this awful
just clicking
the heels
than a pauper
poorer than
a dollar store
no line
of credit
the goldfish
not fed it
no time
to've even
read it
don't come
for free
only does
a broken knee
crow barred
with glee
from the ones
who seek to be
at the top
of the money tree
cannot walk
with a broken knee
the clock ticks on
for me

Untie lullaby

daily inventory
rained down on me
thrust into a sea
of wretched
under a tree

dark and bare
and leafless
and a comet
and a breeze
rocks under the knees
they're sharp
like all the pleas

plea your case
to the courts
on high
as the sea
goes dry
and the story
heaves a sigh

it was never
it was never
as promised
it was only
as the mirror cracked
oh wry
was the mirror
blacked out
on white lies

and the angels
their shelter
a cover
their mercy
a mother
when the sea went dry
and the tears
rolled wry
were the salt
and the dye

that shriveled up
the little girl blue
the little girl fool
who skipped

there were so many years
she was running from
her fears
never cradling
the dear
hoping for
a lullaby near

but shattered in the darkness
playing a fiddle
humming a riddle
now the tears begin
to drizzle
she awoke
to feel her mess
and now lying there
in a torn up dress
fallen out of a nest
that was bare
thus was barren
of the rest

so buil…


Higher expectations
jade the way I can be free …
you don't even see me
you just see

frozen sheets

where do I turn now
what must I give
will the sheets of ice
melt down
to what it takes
to live
fire burning brightly
but it's fire from the deep
while shadows of the plight be
over moonlit snow
and frostbitten feet
weather patterns daunting
sour over fleets
marching forward
stone cold